Friday, September 1, 2006

september 2006


~Yesterday I watched a show on Animal Planet channel called ‘Growing up Gorilla’ which is obviously about gorillas. But it focuses on one gorilla sanctuary in Africa that rescues orphaned baby gorillas, nurses them back to health and teaches them the skills needed to survive in the wild. It reminded me of watching Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist and how I wanted to do the same thing when I was younger. It fascinated me that the little babies took milk from a bottle and wore diapers just like human babies. After watching this show it’s my new mission to donate my time and money towards saving this endangered species. -heather r


~HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDACE!! Since Candace is a big fan of muffins and a health nut I decided instead of making my usual celebratory cupcakes I would make her Low Fat Muffins! Low Fat Apple Streusel Muffins to be exact, they use applesauce instead of oil to cut the fat plus it makes them really moist! I can't wait for Candace to try one! -erica


~Today, I’m really craving some warm apple cider. YUM. Every fall my boyfriend and I go apple picking—it’s one of our favorite rituals! We usually go to
Strawberry Acres and I end up picking wayyyy too many apples. Last year we made a delicious apple pie. This year I’m trying to time it right so we can go apple picking in the morning and then wine tasting in the afternoon & evening! That would be me idea of a perfect fall day!-candace


~Such a fun weekend, starting off with Maria’s and my modeling debuts on QVC…so funny! We were both completely nervous beforehand (you really can’t see yourself on the monitors at all so it’s impossible to tell if you’re making a stupid face or anything like that) but it ended up being fun. Maybe too much fun, since when you watch the tape you can actually see us talking to each other and laughing—oops! Anyway, Saturday night was my bachelorette slumber party which was SO fun (thanks, Dana!). Of course the tartelettes made it even more fun, especially with their contributions (candy bar cookies, almond brittle, twizzlers, sangria? These girls know who they’re dealing with). We had some real 8th grade-style sleepover fun, complete with pranks (suffice it to say, we have now all witnessed firsthand Erica’s fear of clowns). -alexis