Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oscar Beauty

Hi all,

I’m Kate—the newest member of the tarte team. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to blog about beauty, fashion and all things glamorous. For my official post, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on some of my favorite Oscar beauty trends. I know I’m a little late to the convo, but I’ve finally had the chance to digest all of the gorgeous gals!

I thought that stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Hillary Swank both dazzled with a natural , look. By using a nude lip color and sporting a rosy cheek, they flawlessly pulled it off with ease. Milia Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Halley Berry and Michelle Williams all looked stunning rocking a sultry, smokey eye. They balanced it perfectly by complimenting the strong eye with softer shades on their cheeks and lips. And one of my all-time favorite trends of the evening was the classic look. I think Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock pulled this off well with a bold red lip color.

What were some of your favorite beauty trends?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring 2010 Trend Alert!

We haven’t even made it to Ground Hog Day, but I certainly see spring on the horizon. Trends are emerging and some key themes are giving me a heavy dose of optimism! Although I was all for heavy studs last fall; this spring I’ll channel my inner flower child in a whole new way. I do love the laid back boho look, but lately I’m more intrigued by ultra-girly flowers in an array of different looks! Bursts, liberty prints, artsy watercolors—you name it and I’ll try it. Above are totally different designs that are blooming for spring & each is just as feminine as the next (from left-to-right: tarte collaborated with Celebrity Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow for our newest natural cheek stain—flower child, Rebecca Taylor skirt, Nanette Lepore honeysuckle dress & Lauren Moffat top and shorts). As you can imagine, we tarte girls love anything nature inspired, but what we really adore about this look is that there’s really something for everyone!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Tina Turnbow: Celebrity makeup artist & green beauty expert

We’re so thrilled about our new eco-friendly spring 2010 collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and green beauty expert Tina Turnbow. Together Maureen and Tina developed tarte’s flower child collection—an eyeshadow palette and cheek stain inspired by nature and all earthly elements.

With over 11 years of experience, Tina has created beautiful looks for celebrities such as Joan Allen, Claire Danes, Vera Farmiga, Ellen Page, Mary-Louise Parker, Amanda Peet, Jessica Szohr, Keri Russell and Ivanka Trump to name a few. Tina’s been featured in national media like Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire, Shape, Nylon and has collaborated with a wide range of fashion photographers including Gilles Bensimon, Arthur Elgort and Raymond Meier. She’s also a usual suspect working at premiers and award shows like the Golden Globes (check out the look she did for Vera) and Emmy’s, as well as serving as the lead artist during Fashion Week.

Whether she’s power walking with her dogs, cooking a healthy meal or scouring Manhattan for the latest eco-friendly beauty product, Tina is always encouraging women “to be aware of what they put on their faces: your skin is your biggest organ!” And we couldn’t agree more!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Underwear for Your Complexion"--Skincare Tips from a tartelette

So, (insert sigh here) here we are with about 2 and half months left of this torturous winter weather. I don’t know about you, but it absolutely wreaking pure havoc on my skin! It seems like I have tried everything to cure that dry, flaky, tight feeling that the cold weather brings and I seem to have finally found a few solutions. After reading Kristen’s tips on how to achieve a perfect complexion in the New Year, I wanted to add a few tips and tricks that will help keep your skin looking gorgeous as we trudge on through till spring. I like to think of these as “underwear” for your perfect complexion.

1.) With the biting cold and dry air, comes flaking and that uncomfortable tight feeling that leaves your skin feeling like sandpaper and who wants that?! After trying what feels like every single exfoliator on the market, I finally decided to splurge on a product that I had waned for a long time, the Clarisonic Cleansing System. All I can say is WOW!!! I really noticed an incredible change in the way my skin looks and feels after the first time I used it. If you’re not sure what the Clarisonic is, it is a skin cleansing brush that gently vibrates to remove dead skin cells while it deeply cleanses your skin. The Clarisonic is also great for treating those bumps on the back of your arms. This condition, called Keratosis Pilaris effects quite a few of the girls in our office and we ALWAYS looking for the miracle cure that will make our arms smooth and supple. Use the Clarisonic for 30 seconds on the back of each arm every day and those bumps will disappear. My dry, flaky skin has met it’s match. In case you haven’t noticed I am obsessed with this thing!

2.) Another lovely side effect of the winter weather is itchy flaky skin around my eyes. I f you use eye cream daily but still find that your dark circle defense isn’t going on as smoothly as possible, try applying a dab of Aquaphor healing ointment to the flaky skin before bed in place of your usual eye cream a few nights of the week. This will take care of the dryness and itching and allow your concealer to go on smoothly and flawlessly.

3.) My lips can not adjust to this frigid weather either, it seems that no matter how much water I drink or how much lip balm I apply, my lips are still cracking and dry. I discovered a secret from a makeup artist friend that has my winter lips. Brushing your lips with your toothbrush in the morning removes the dead skin cells that build up so that your slide tin lip balm and frxtion lip exfoliator will be 100x more effective.

These little extras are helping me and my skin get through this cold winter and keep my make-up looking fresh a luminous. If you have any great skin saving tips you’d like to share, post them on our facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pippi Longstylin’

It’s no secret that braids have become the haute hairstyle of choice for celebs and normals alike. I mean, it is nearly impossible to go a whole day without seeing at least one mini-braid cascading across some chicster’s crown. Well, good news for all of you tired of the French-braid halo- the plait has moved down south. From Alexander Wang to Dsquared, the Spring/Summer runways showed plenty of posh pigtails. And stars like Blake Lively, Kate Hudson and Diane Kruger have been rockin’ the queue on the red carpet with regularity.

The messy side braid is super chic because it’s bohemian, but with a sense of flirty innocence. The futuristic feel of the fishtail plait is space-age sleek and sexy. And don’t ever doubt the inherent charm of girly pigtails.

So, when you’re deciding between whatever waves and super-simple straight, get twisted-up instead. Your locks will welcome the chic change ;)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! xo, the tarte team

Happy 2010 & we’re glad to be back!! This year our resolutions are to live our healthiest year yet and put our best faces forward. We have survived the holidays, pledged to hit the gym and will do our best to nix some of our bad habits. At tarte we believe that the best way to show our efforts is through a glowing, healthy complexion. With temps still dipping and two winter months ahead of us, we definitely need a strategy for this luminous skin we crave.

The basics are a given: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize & probably moisturize again because these months leave our precious faces extremely dry and dehydrated, but then what?! Well, here’s where your natural beauty complexion products are ESSENTIAL. I’m not talking your favorite shadow, liner & mascara, but the core items that perfect the natural YOU;)
Start anew with clean slate natural primer; this helps makeup stay in place longer while preventing creasing in fine lines and wrinkles. This alone will make your skin feel incredibly supple. Next, cover any blemishes or red spots with tarte’s foolproof eraser pen—swipe, dab, dot whatever works for you. The ingredients are correcting the spot rather than sitting on top of it. Foundation really is a personal preference (but choose one with SPF, even in the winter)—if you prefer full coverage choose ReCreate™ & if you opt for a tinted moisturizer reach for smooth operator with SPF 20. Either way, I promise 1 of the 2 will be your new best friend! Finish up with provocateur natural mineral pressed powder SPF 8 & a hint of park ave bronzer. A tip that Maureen passed along to me: avoid brushing bronzer over your entire face; instead try drawing the number 3. Start at the forehead, swish around your temple to the cheekbone and then back around and under the jaw bone. This will give you radiance without too much shimmer. Just a coat of mascara and your favorite matte lip sheer & you’re out the door. You can feel even better knowing that if you slip-up with all of the other goals you have set; these antioxidant & nutrient rich products will be doing the work on your complexion from the inside-out!


We are giving away Clean Slates on our facebook & twitter! Share your resolution to enter & win!