Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Step Up & Step Out Event!!

On Saturday, tarte teamed up with Ann Taylor to create a glamour lounge for Step Up Network’s annual designer shoe sale. Step Up Network is a national nonprofit agency for women looking to support underserved girls, while developing their own professional and social networks. Hosted by Vanessa Minnillo, this pop up boutique brought a woman’s love for shoes and New York’s fashion savvy together for a great cause. The tarte team was more then thrilled to participate and even created a look inspired by the new and modern Ann. We hope you love the day-to-night makeover & it empowers you to be a strong professional woman, too!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walk the Line

Much like my racy mascara days, I have flirted, dated and nearly settled down with a whole slew of eyeliners. I thought I liked—even loved—these liners.

Oh, but how wrong I was.

Enter the smooth-talking—well, more like smooth-gliding—
emphasEYES. You don’t know swept off your feet until you’ve swiped on this eye-opening (hehe) wonder! With its tiny little tip, emphasEYES offers goof-proof application, which is essential for every tartelettes’ inner Steve Urkel. So it’s more “Hello, sexy!” and less “Did I do that?”

I love that the liner gives eyes a saturated, never heavy line that lasts all day long. And its small size allows for easy lining of the inner eye, which is critical to creating the perfect smoky eye. The lovely ladies at tarte offer emphasEYES in five different hues ranging from basic black to gorgeous green. So whether you get every hue or stick with the classics, you won’t be disappointed with this Cosmetics Casanova.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Daytime Dare— Feelin’ a Little Lacy

When most people hear the word lace, images of cheesy va-va-voom lingerie ala Fredericks of Hollywood or Great-granny’s turn of the century wedding gown come to mind. Well, tartelettes, Mimi is here to show you that the days of bad lace are over! For the past two or three years, the print has been making a quiet comeback, but for Fall 2009 its back in black, baby. And ready to play both nigh and day!Yep, you heard me- during the a.m. too!

I have compiled a collection of luscious lacy looks that’ll have you moving from coffee at your desk to cocktails at the bar like a seasoned stylista. So “lace” yourself for some majorly ToDieFor pieces!

Bring sexy back to your workouts with these Lace Fold Over Pants by So Low **

These Lace Top Aviators are the perfect touch of femme for the kick-booty Rocker Chick **

Pair Victoria’s Secret Sheer Lace Top with a pencil skirt for some sexy chic in the office

Free People’s Ruffle Fingerless Gloves are a funky modern take on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” look.

I love these Pink Studio Katana flats for a more low-key lace look. And the navy hue provides unexpected chic.

For the Blair Waldorf in all of us, this Skinny Lace headband is simply adorable.

Anthropologie’s Skirted Lace-Print Cardigan is a versatile piece that would be just as stylish with tweed trousers on Mon as it would be with Converse on Sat.

Price ain’t nothin’ but a number when it comes to this showstopping &uber-expensive M Missoni dress. Lace has never looked more HighEnd**

Ok, tartelettes, this is a Daytime Dare, not Scare so get ready to “lace” on some serious chic. And for those true daredevils of style, head on over
H.E.R.E. to see how to really up the ante with lace’s naughtiest companion- leather!

Until next time, chicsters!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fashion's Night Out with tarte!

Lines, crowds & a shopping frenzy! That’s just a snapshot of what went on during Fashion’s Night Out, but I must say, we had a blast participating!! Hopefully, you made it out for NYC’s shopping extravaganza and maybe even ran into some of your favorite tarte girls (or saw a celebrity or two)! We were at Henri Bendel & Tracey Reese offering mini-makeovers. At Bendel’s our fitness guru, Mister Abs, raffled off a private session on behalf of tarte. We hope you had as much fun as we did!


NYFW Spring 2010—tarte for Hayden-Harnett!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and the tartelettes are happy to grant you a ‘backstage pass’ to Hayden-Harnett’s “Lava Fields of Love” presentation! Inspired by a nomadic journey through lava fields and desert landscapes; the creative talents behind the Brooklyn label created a warm, natural feeling collection with hints of pop color. tarte’s artistry team used these concepts to create a flawless makeup look. Think: warm complexion with a strong, geometric brow and barely there lips. You can easily re-create the look for this fall, but be sure to avoid looking baked! Here’s a tip from lead tarte artist Laura McGuire, “…a bronzing powder with gold undertones (park ave princess) was used directly on the apples of the cheeks, and then our natural tipsy cheek stain was used on top for an extra healthy, warm glow.” Check out our fashion week collection page to snag some of the products used!



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Underneath it All

From the blogger who brought you Wholearth by Danny Seo (including a haute interview H.E.R.E.), I give you yet another organic beauty buy. As much as I love the natural goodness of tarte cosmetics, I would be plain evil to not dish on a line of top-notch, but affordable skincare products. Because no amount of ReCreate, lash hugger, emphasEYES and natural cheek stain can pretty super sickly skin. What’s “underneath it all” matters just as much.

And what is this organic wonder product? Why,
Desert Essence’s tea tree oil products! I discovered this 30-year-old brand while shopping (food-sample stealing) at Whole Foods, and on a whim bought the Facial Cleansing Pads. Though I had heard the joys of tea tree oil countless times before, it took these little rounds to make me a true believer. Soaked, but not saturated in the oil, these pads are a great post-cleanser companion that will have your face glowing with tea tree goodness. Be careful on your first use. Tea tree oil packs a powerful punch that may have your eyes watering—but in a “Ooo, these puppies are really working” way.

I loved my blemish-free lifestyle courtesy of the pads so much, that I ventured to Desert Essence’s
Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. From first splash, this cleanser left my face feeling like silk. Maybe that’s because of all the wonderful organic essential oils like extracts of Goldenseal, Hawaiian White Ginger (Awapuhi), and essential oil of Chamomile. Talk about a skin cocktail!

And I can’t wait to complete the natural skincare trifecta with the
Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment, a renaissance cream that does everything from relieve razor burn to moisturize damaged cuticles.

But don’t just take my word about the skin-soothing savvy of Desert Essence. Here’s a testimony from a very content consumer.

"Your Tea Tree Oil has done on my face what 4 dermatologists and hundreds of dollars in treatments could not. Very grateful devotee of your product." – Irene

So, tartelettes, go on and do that organic shuffle that you know so well. Your skin will be so thankful!