Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dave & Busters!

I'm so excited because it is my husband's birthday on Friday and I am going to surprise him by taking him to Dave & Busters! He has absolutely no idea and I can't wait to play skee ball and the Dance Dance Revolution game! -Heather

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Shopping!

Yesterday morning was no nice and sunny here in NYC that it made me excited for spring! That got me thinking about my spring wardrobe. I love all the bold colors for spring, especially the bright yellows and electric blues. I’ve been tagging so many pages in my huge spring magazines of looks that I like. Last night, I was perusing through my Bloomingdale’s catalog and there was a Tory Burch dress I loved, which then led me to browse Bloomingdale’s website. I found this fun Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. I’m obsessed and need it! -Candace

Monday, March 3, 2008

girl scout cookies!

Since I am such a great aunt (and I have a secret obsession for tagalongs) I ordered several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! I ordered some for home and work – samoas for Rich (his favorite), tagalongs for me of course and an assortment of others for my family…and maybe the tartelettes if they actually survive more then 2 days in my house! Heather R also ordered some from her relatives so we should be on cookie overload soon...yum! -Maria