Monday, January 11, 2010

Pippi Longstylin’

It’s no secret that braids have become the haute hairstyle of choice for celebs and normals alike. I mean, it is nearly impossible to go a whole day without seeing at least one mini-braid cascading across some chicster’s crown. Well, good news for all of you tired of the French-braid halo- the plait has moved down south. From Alexander Wang to Dsquared, the Spring/Summer runways showed plenty of posh pigtails. And stars like Blake Lively, Kate Hudson and Diane Kruger have been rockin’ the queue on the red carpet with regularity.

The messy side braid is super chic because it’s bohemian, but with a sense of flirty innocence. The futuristic feel of the fishtail plait is space-age sleek and sexy. And don’t ever doubt the inherent charm of girly pigtails.

So, when you’re deciding between whatever waves and super-simple straight, get twisted-up instead. Your locks will welcome the chic change ;)



Anonymous said...

i LOVE how it can be so pretty for casual or formal!i have long hair so this will be a kewl different style to try. thanks Mimi!!!!!

Lara said...

I'm all about the messy side braid! Hilarious post title!

Ms. Ainsley Raiford said...

I am always looking for a more polished way to wear my unruly curly (and usually frizzy hair!) on days when I don't want to mess with a blow dryer. Thanks for these tips! Let's keep Memphis trendy, Mimi :)

Anonymous said...

so fun!Your blogs are always so clever!