Wednesday, June 1, 2005

june 2005


~Had drinks and dessert at Gramercy last night with Lex and Phil. Love Love Love! The city is so hot right now and it's fabulous to cool off with a nice big mojito and their signature strawberry rhubarb cobbler....mmmmmm-maureen

~Last night Larry took me to one of my favorite restaurants in the city-Aqua Grill. Last week he took me to Hooters so he had to make up for it…hehehe…. For all of you fish and seafood lovers, you have to go there!!! We had the most amazing oysters, crab cake napoleons (a house specialty that you have to try), turbout with this amazing velvety fresh corn sauce with saffron , and Florida red snapper with a sesame vinaigrette and shitake mushrooms. For dessert we had the best deep dish peach cobbler I ever had. It had sweet strawberries in it and a crumb topping, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on and fresh strawberry sauce. YUM. I wish I could eat there every night!-nicole


~I had a mini getaway in Lake George this past weekend with Terrence and another couple. We spent the night in the Lake George Village and played mini golf & racing games. We had so much fun. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a nice weekend close by. We are planning on another getaway in Cape May for the upcoming long weekend. I hope the weather will be nice!-leonie

~I'm back from my two week vacation in Europe and I think I need another two weeks off to recover from it! Seven countries in 12 days was a bit much but I loved waking up in a new city everyday. I saw the most amazing sites, ate the best food, and shopped until I dropped.I can't wait to plan another trip to go back to the places I loved like Lucerne, Lake Como, and Paris. I would love to retire on Lake Como.-Erica


~So the other night my boyfriend and I were driving back from Long Island and ended up listening to this radio show on WBAI 99.1 (in NY). It’s called Everything Old is New Again and they basically play old standards, show tunes, jazz, etc. We are now obsessed with the host of the show-he’s so knowledgable and just has the mellowest voice. In 2 weeks they’re doing a show of all Duets-we are totally submitting the song "Well Did You Evah?"(Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra, from the movie "High Society") as our request.-alexis

~I seriously love restaurant week. I'm going to Blue Water Grill tonight with my old boss/friend from Showtime. I'm all over these specials! Can't wait for the chocolate peanutbutter bar - i swear they knew I was coming!-heather


~It must be because it's summer but lately I've been obsessed with sprucing up my back patio. We've been grilling out a lot lately and have a nice grill but it's definitely time to get a new outdoor dining set. But they're so expensive (other than a card table and cheap chairs) so I don't know what I'm going to do! Maybe I'll just start with some tiki torches.-lallie

~So I'm on the way to work when I get forced one of those free morning papers that I always try avoiding. But, I actually found an interesting bit of info I'd like to share. Boutique Overstock is just what it says; boutique clothes at a discount. They don't have the most up to date stuff, but there are some really cute designer basics like jeans on here at a good price. Hope it helps!-maria


~It’s been quite a week-jam-packed with events, topped off with a big tarte meeting last night (that went rather well, I think!). I think I have earned some pampering for the weekend. I’ve been bemoaning the fact that there are no good manicure places in Brooklyn, but no more—they just put a Dashing Diva around the corner from me! I think the Spoiled Diva manicure (in Lolly Lilac) sounds about right. Happy weekend!!-alexis

~When I was at the beach with my mom we went shopping and this little boutique had the coolest jewelry. She bought an Energy Muse necklace and now I totally want one! Going back to the beach next weekend (yippee!) so I think I might have to get my own Energy Muse. Their story is really inspiring and my mom loves hers.-lallie


~So, my mom and my uncle's whole family arrived last night after a six hour delay! I was completely exhausted when they came out of the gate. I really can't believe the arrival area at JFK airport has no seating at all! Despite that, I am SO happy and excited to see them and have them here. It's the first time in the past four years that I have so many family members visiting me at once.-leonie

~Last night Larry and I picked out wedding bands! Thin platinum for me and thick platinum for him. I had a dream that I missed my whole wedding! I can’t believe I'm getting married in two and a half weeks!-nicole


~I want to go to Europe- now, please! Seriously EVERYONE went to Europe this summer: my boyfriend’s brother just came back, Alisa just came back and now Erica is there and I’m becoming very jealous! I want to go to Poland and to Italy- definitely Calabria where my family is from and where they have the most gorgeous beaches. Buying a $1000 ticket is another story though-if only I could stop shopping!-maria

~I'm going to China Grill for restaurant week tonight - i'm so excited for the lobster mashed potatoes and I'm getting them whether they are on the prix-fixe menu or not! Last time I went with this group of girl friends, we closed down the restaurant because we were having so much fun. The manager had to ask us to leave so the waitstaff could go home!!-heather


~So the weekend was fun as anticipated, except I earned a special new record:the person who came closest to winning it all, and then choked at the last second. Twice I was 4-0 in bocce (against guys, no less!) and ended up losing the matches. And then I lost trivia by half a point!! (ME? Losing TRIVIA? The horror!) Still had an awesome time though. I am eagerly awaiting BBQ ’06 for my triumphant comeback.-alexis

~I'm proud to say that everything I said I was going to do this weekend got done! I overdid the yoga a bit though--two classes back to back Saturday and Sunday! Now I'm a bit sore but it was well worth it. Also painted my little nails with Lippmann Collection's Whatever Lola Wants that instantly put me in a good mood! To my delight, this Monday isn't so bad! Must have more weekends like this one.-lallie


~Despite the fact that I’m so overscheduled these days that it’s ridiculous, I’m excited about the weekend. Tonight I’m going to a beer garden in Queens for my friend’s birthday, tomorrow to a BBQ at my friend’s house on LI (where we will, as always, play poker, bocce, trivia, and other fun stuff) and Sunday to see both my AND my boyfriend’s families for Father’s Day and to celebrate my cousins’ graduations (from high school & Harvard, respectively, and yes, I know I’m braggy but it’s because I’m proud). Beer, bocce, and bbqs-sounds like a good weekend to me.-alexis

~Oh I'm so happy to be home this weekend! After being gone for two weekends in a row and being so busy this week my house is tornado like! Clothes, shoes, books- you name it-all over the place! I plan to relax, clean, study yoga and of course LAY OUT! You'd think that after reading five books on vacation that I'd be ready for a break-no such luck though. I'm reading such a good book that Heather so kindly lent me. Can't wait to just be at home!-lallie


~This may seem unbelievable but I JUST got an air conditioning unit Monday! I've been sleeping like a baby for the first time in two weeks. That's the closest to a complaint about the heat you'll get out of me though, I love summer more than anything! Can't wait to go to the beach on my summer fridays!-heather

~I can't believe my wedding date is finally approaching after a year and a half year engagement! I am next, after Nicole! I've started getting nervous about the planning. Must push Terrence & myself to get things started. We need to pick a wedding song first though...Any ideas?-leonie


~Last night I went to Bloomies to do some shopping for my honeymoon. I wanted to get some sexy bikinis for our cruise to the Riviera. Mission Accomplished!!! I love the St. Johns collection this season, and at 40% off, I love it even more! I showed Larry what I got and he loves them. I think it’ll be a great honeymoon-can't wait!-nicole


~On a whim this weekend I decided to go to a huge flea market up in Connecticut. I'm so glad I did because I scored some great deals on a few pieces of vintage bakelite jewelry and added to my collection of vintage cosmetics! My favorite thing that I got was an old Gloria Vanderbilt scented powder compact, it's just like the one my Grandmother used to carry.-erica

~We had a house warming at a friend's place this weekend. The American style barbecue was so nice. We also played "President & ***hole" & "Pictionary" get-together games. That was my first time to play that kind of game in America and I am totally loving them. They reminded me of when I used played games with my friends when I was younger. -leonie

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