Tuesday, February 1, 2005

february 2005


~What a relaxing weekend and I did virtually nothing but clean my house (a first for moi). Watched the Oscars last night (okay, the last 30 minutes) and must say I wasn't that impressed. It's such a serious night for Hollywood. I much prefer the Golden Globes!-lallie

~Today is my first day at tarte...have a feeling that it's gonna be a long one. It's a big change from the financial sector...wish me luck!!-nicole


~I had such an exciting turn of events yesterday... after two days of overwhelming work I was planning on skipping my knitting class last night in favor of a good nights sleep. Then my best friend who's home this week called me to say she had an extra ticket to see Wicked for last night. I couldn't pass that up, I've been wanting to see it forever. I had such a nice time and the show was so good, anyone who has a chance to go see it I definitely recommend it!-erica

~My roommate from college is in town--TROUBLE!! We're going out but hopefully we'll be calm! Sunday I'm going to a firefighters brunch with my boyfriend--who's jealous?? All the tarte girls want to come with!!-heather


~Greetings from Mexico. Checkin in just to rub it in. Mexico is fab, the weather is amazing & I am drinking margaritas & soaking up the sun...aaah...life is good!-raquel

~It was bound to happen. I was the only one who hasn't gotten sick all winter and now I'm suffering. But no sore throat or a raspy voice is stopping me from going to happy hour with the girls! Who says the weekend starts on Friday night...-maria


~Was underwhelmed by the food at Jean Georges new eatery V's steakhouse in the Time Warner Building. The atmosphere was to die for though so head over for drinks if you're in that neck of the woods!-maureen

~So I'm so glad that my boyfriend is moving into my place but it's a STUDIO (we like to be close!) and this cleaning out of the drawers to make room for him is so not going as I planned! Who knew I had this many clothes--and to think I complain about having nothing to wear! -heather


~Girls: Drop whatever you're doing and get tickets to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ASAP...far and away the best musical I've seen in years. John Lithgow was hysterical and you will kick yourself if you miss this one!-maureen


~So looking forward to this three day weekend. I get to have lunch (and a few drinks i'm sure!) with my friends from college... a little reunion of sorts. Sunday I'm dragging my boyfriend to go see The Gates...definitely can't miss that. Other then that I will be doing my favorite thing...absolutely nothing!-maria

~So I finally got over the flu! Yeah! Can't wait to actually leave the house this weekend. My boyfriend is taking me to see Hitch (isn't he sweet for taking me to a chic flick?!) and hopefully we'll try a new restaurant. We also want to see the gates at Central Park...hope it warms up!-heather

~I am so jealous of Alexis...lying on the beaches of Hawaii!! Maybe I'll like put a sunlamp in my house or something--yeah right! It's Friday (officially my fave day of the week) and I so want to do something with BF tonight (as in go out somewhere) but I know I'll get off work and be so tired. We'll probably end up ordering in and having movie night though. Come to think of it, I could go for some warm snuggles.-lallie

~So glad this is a long weekend! I'm going to shop, shop, shop my butt off! I walked past some windows yesterday and there's a lot of spring stuff out! Makes today's 18 degree windchill a little less chilly :-) I need a new bag, an orange one i think, and matchy shoes, maybe neutral wedges... hmmm... OH! and still in search of the perfect pair of gold sandals...-telly


~Just scored tickets to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Sat night with John Lithgow...yippeeee! Broadway here I come...nothing like a musical to make you feel like a real New Yorker!-maureen

~Let's see...heading to a fabulous spot Mexico in 1 week with my BF. Must lose 5 pounds, shop for new and cute summer clothes since the dry cleaner shrunk practically everything I own, and wrap up the loose ends at work....deep breaths Raquel, deep breaths...aaaah!-raquel


~I think I changed clothes twelve times this morning...For some reason I've been channeling the 80's this week with my outfits.. Anything to switch it up! Went to the opera last night at the Met to see Madama Butterfly. So sad but a beautiful story. I felt so grown up! And did I mention that today is Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yessssssssssssss!-lallie

I think I say this every week but TGIF!! My BF and I are celebrating V-Day (can anyone tell I like to shorten and abbreviate??) on Saturday at Bread Tribeca (I just can't do Mondays). I love trying new restaurants! I'm excited too because he and I haven't been out in quite some time so it should be good. Then, a band from my hometown is playing on Sunday so I'm going to support them. Plus, they're awesome...--check 'em out-lallie

~I am such a broken record, but can I say AGAIN how excited I am to go to Hawaii next week? Especially now that it’s getting freezing again. Just five days to go…of course, five days that are packed with meetings, errands, manicures, pedicures, waxes, haircut, (hey, I gotta look good on the trip) Valentine’s Day, and my boyfriend’s sister’s baby shower on Sunday—which I’m so excited about! Hopefully the time will fly!-alexis


~So I'm going to a Sweet 16 in two weeks (I'm almost TWICE that age!!!) for my boyfriend's cousin (one of the 7 million cousins he has). I just found the perfect dress: silver/champagne jaquard strapless cocktail dress - so fabulous AND on sale!!! Now onto the shoe hunt...-telly


~No more flu‹hooray! Now I just have to contend with the unfortunate after-effects of Superbowl Party (aka, one too many heroes and black and white cookies). I am so tired today, and took the train in from my boyfriend¹s parents house on Long Island. All this has taught me is that I don¹t yet have what it takes to be a commuter...but I¹m very good at applying makeup while in motion.-alexis


Can't wait for Christa's bachelorette party tomorrow night at Lotus. Note to self-try not to drink half my body weight in Mojitos...Can't wait for April because the wedding is in New Orleans. I'll be seeing all my college friends and exes. Another note to self-try not to eat anything until then... -heather


~Fifteen weeks until I graduate... at least that's what I'm told. Every person I talk to asks if I'm nervous/excited/happy that I have 3 months until I'm offically done with school. I never really thought about it a lot until this semester and now its settling in that my 18 year run of education is coming to end and it's time to face the real world. Eeeek!! I hear every senior goes through this anxiety. And that's precisely why I'm off running to Europe this summer for a little brain detox. Planning the itinerary is next...any suggestions??? -Erica

~Can't wait for Chinese New Year next week! It's my fav time of the year! My mom makes a fabulous fried dumpling with sugar and sesame inside, but she only makes it on New Year's Day. Haven't found anything at any of the Chinese bakeries in the city that come close to comparing... can't wait to take a break from my usual low-carb thing for that....mmmmm!-telly

~Sooo tired for some reason today. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Lot's of good plans for the weekend... ditching the Superbowl (girl power!!) and going to the Tracy Reese fashion show. I can't wait to see the Fall line!Maybe I'll be inspired and do some "light" shopping after...must check bank account! Now will this week end already???-lallie


~Going to Dawat tomorrow night with the girls for restaurant week. So excited bc I haven't had Indian in soooo long! Also trying to plan a last minute V-day trip. We've (me & the SO--that's significant other) have GOT to get out of this cold! Now, how will I fund this trip??? -lallie

~I am so over having the flu right now. So sorry to those of you out there who are sharing in this misery. I can't keep enough tissues at my desk and now I've infected my poor boyfriend too...Just in time for the Superbowl Party! We're a fine match. It's ok though-tonight we'll curl up, eat pizza and watch Project Runway on Bravo (dumb, but addicting) and plan what we're going to pack for our trip to Hawaii in two weeks! -alexis

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