Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, remember a couple of months ago I casually mentioned that maybe I would book a trip to Italy that day? Well I did, and now it’s finally HERE, and Phil and I are leaving tonight for 10 days in Venice & Florence! We’ll be in Venice for Valentine’s Day, which is like a double treat. I am beyond excited to show him around Florence and basically eat everything that crosses my path. The timing couldn’t be better…the weather is just starting to get pretty blah and the winter doldrums have officially set in, so I really can’t wait to go someplace that inspires me and get reinvigorated. And when we get home, hopefully spring will be (sort of) on the horizon. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! -Alexis

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Hello Alexis:

This comment travels from Spain (u might remember me from Ei´s wedding). Ive just realised u guys have a blog and couldnt resist to write. We cant wait tarte to come to Spain...!! A big kiss to Maureen.