Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cuff Love

At any given time you can find me wearing an eclectic mix of stackable bracelets on my wrists. Each one is different from the next, but they’re all dear keepsakes to me: A gift from graduation, a fashionable iconic present to myself and a flea-market find during my travels in Spain. However, there are two GK Designs’ stamped gold cuffs that truly remind me of the important things in life. The first, a little something from my mom, is engraved with “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) and the other from two close friends (yes, it says “friend”). I absolutely cherish these bracelets and think they’re really the perfect present to give or receive. It’s all about simplicity (oh, and they’re available in silver, rose and yellow gold.) Choose from one of their 30 sayings or customize your own. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, this is the just the right little token of love.

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