Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Shorty!

Now, I’m no statistician, but I estimate that my legs comprise about 98.9752438% of my body. Before you start the eye-rolling and the “Boo-hoo, skinny girl!” scoffing, hear me out. Long-legged life really isn’t that great. Pants shopping often turns into a tribute show to my bony ankles. Certain shoes are designated to dress-duty exclusively. And I’ve recently discovered that on me, the maxidress is the new awkward prairie-length as even the longest frock creeps up over my feet. (SIGH!)
So, what is a lengthy-limbed gal to do? Get Shorty, of course! And with this season’s plethora of printed shorts, I am lamenting my long legs no more! From Tar-jay boutique (Target for you non “French” speakers) to, the options for chic short-shorts are endless.

Here are some of my top picks:

LaRok’s Diwali Shorts: I don’t know if it’s the intricate embroidery or the itsy-bitsy inseam, but I am completely OBSESSED with these shorts. They are Morocco in fabric form, ready to transport the wearer to a locale far more exotic than the USofA. Put ‘em with a plain white tank and frills-free flip-flops because these are some show-stopping shorts!

Walter’s Multi-Print Silk Short: With its intricate watercolor design, these beautiful bloomers are anything but casual. They are equally suited for a lunch with gal pals or a dinner date with Mr. Hottie. I daydream about them paired with a button down in basic black or a top with a pop of color.

sass&bide’s “A Girl Like Me” Shorts: As the name suggests, it takes a certain kind of gal to rock this sequined style. Therefore, the shy need not apply. With a hodgepodge color palette of white and metallics, these shorts can be matched with nearly anything for a funky downtown style. These “sass”-y shorts are the perfect uniform for a night of shakin’ that groove thang.

See by Chloe Jersey Striped Shorts: Anyone else totally over loungewear that screams “I’m a frickin’ awesome middle schooler! Like what’s up?” Ya know what I’m talking about- cheeky messages across the Rear End, glitter up one side and enough prints for a 3-ring circus act. Well, this See by Chloe pair is sophisticated sportswear. The white and navy stripes are subtly nautical, but very obviously summery. And the loose silhouette creates the allusion of a flouncy skirt so the look is polished and chic. Orange accents provide a fresher pop of color than the traditional red.

What better way to accessorize these short styles than with tarte’s leg bronzer
Glam Gams? It provides a pinch of shimmer, a delectable scent, but most importantly the perfect amount of faux-sun. So grab your shorts, “Glam” your gams and say “Hello, sunshine!”

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Anonymous said...

I am seriosuly loving the Walter silk print shorts. They would be perfect for my trip to Croatia in August!! I bet they are really comfy too...