Thursday, September 1, 2005

September 2005


~I fear that I will become one of those boring people who has nothing to talk about besides her wedding (although,’s easy to fall into that trap!), so instead, I’ll talk about one of my favorite time-waster sites,
AstrologyZone. Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes are amazing...eerily accurate-like check this out from my September horoscope: "You and your partner will feel very close, and you may just whisper, "Let's make it official," to your main squeeze." Thankfully, though, there was no cheesy whispering involved with our proposal.-alexis


~Thanks to my handy Daily Candy newsletters I found a awesome new Knitting store called Suss Design. It's a new shop opened by Swedish knitting enthusiast Suss Cousins, that she created in to make boring old knitting.. fun and modern. They carry a ton of funky yarn, knitting accessories, and even have classes where you can learn to make trendy items like wrap sweaters. Maybe when I get some free time this winter I'll start a local knitting class and knit up some cool creations!-erica


~I went to the NY Times small business conference yesterday and really enjoyed it. I usually fall asleep at those things but this one was so informative and had such great speakers. There was one woman from an advertising firm called T3 that was really inspirational and the keynote speaker was Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko's. He was such a great speaker, I'm now reading his book about how he started Kinko's. You know someone has to be really interesting if they get me away from books like Shopaholic takes Manhattan and Something Borrowed!!-heather

~It’s not even October yet, but I’ve already been thinking about Halloween costumes! I think with my newly dark, long hair and pale skin I could be a dead ringer for Morticia Addams-certainly not something to be proud of, but at least I don’t have to worry about wearing a wig! Now if only I can get Rich to dress up as Gomez...-maria


~I had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! I can barely see I'm so exhausted but it was such a great weekend that I don't even care! My sister came to spend the day with me and that was so awesome! My birthday bbq went off without a hitch and was so much fun (will hopefully post some pics soon) and Erica made me a lovely almond poppy seed cake that was delish! Click
here for the recipe--it's so worth it!-lallie


~So our engagement party last night was a smashing success. If I’d had the presence of mind to download photos onto my computer last night, I’d have posted some here-I’ll try to next week. Suffice it to say, it was one of the best nights I’ve had pretty much...ever. Having all my closest friends in one room, talking to each other, having a great time with good music & good snacks-it was just awesome. And of course, I cried about it, because when I’m happy, I just can’t contain myself. (Those pics? We will NOT be posting them.)-alexis

~So excited about the upcoming weekend! It's my birthday weekend and it's packed with fun activities. Tonight I'm taking it easy and getting and getting a pedicure with my neighbor. Tomorrow is my PARTY and then Sunday (my actual bday) is the
Hoboken Arts & Music Festival! I can't wait for it all!-lallie


~Tonight is Lex's engagement party so the tarte office is in a whirlwind of excitement discussing our outfits and who's going to do whose makeup! They picked a new place for the party so we'll fill everyone in tomorrow about it...let's hope we have just right amount of celebratory champagne and not too much!-heather

~This past Sunday was our Mid-Autumn Festival - also called moon cake festival. I was so happy that I could celebrate with my mom and Terrence. The
moon cake was so good, I got to learn how to make it for next year!-leonie


~Tonight Maria, Richard (Maria's bf), & I are going to Little Italy for the
78th Annual Feast of San Gennaro! It's basically a two week long big Italian party, where you can taste some of the best Italian food in the city and experience Little Italy. Maria has never been before so it should be a lot of fun showing her New York's version of Italy.-erica


~It’s so one of those days. I could barely get up, the weather is gross, and I accidentally dumped half a bottle of perfume down my arm. Like, literally—or at least whatever didn’t end up on me ended up on my bathroom floor, so Phil’s in for a treat when he gets home. If anything, though, it reminded me why I love
Petite Cherie so much. I may reek of pears, peaches & grass, but it’s still a yummy scent.-alexis

~Despite how everyone else feels about this time of year, it sort of makes me depressed that in two months it will be cold!! The one thing that I'm excited about are all the tv premieres of my favorite shows. Last night was my all time fave night with
Las Vegas and Medium both in their season openers. So good!! Can't wait to be bundled up on the couch in the snow watching them(because I never leave my house in winter!).-lallie


~I know it sounds bad to say this, but I’m really looking forward to Fall. The rest of the Tarte girls would not be happy with me for saying that, but it’s true. I want to wear warm sweaters knit with cashmere and angora. I want to drink hot apple cider, and spend Friday nights watching a movie, snuggling under a throw blanket on the couch (with Larry of course J) while watching a movie.. .-nicole


~I had an impromptu dinner date with Alisa & Nicole last night! We decided to go to
Blue Fin in Times Square, because their sushi is so good. I've never tried sushi before (something about raw fish creeps me out!) But Alisa made me try some of her spicy tuna roll and I must say it wasn't as bad as I thought, just a little mushy. I'll definitely give it another try soon!-erica


~I went to a great restaurant on Friday night -
Park Avenue Cafe - it's pretty fancy and I normally wouldn't go there for a regular old Friday night but they have this great special where you get an appetizer, entree and dessert and you pay your age. It was delicious, I highly recommend it. Be careful with drinks though, they are so expensive there and doubled our bill!! The special goes until 12/31/05 so eat up!-heather

~I haven't been able to really get into any TV series in the past couple of years (except The Sopranos and SATC, of course) but now I am OBSESSED with
Prison Break. Every episode is so thrilling and interesting, you are literally always on the edge of your seat. Wentworth Miller (a.k.a. Michael Scofield) from PB is my new official celeb crush - I highly suggest tuning in for the close up shots alone!-maria


~For those of you familiar with Fantasy Football (your boyfriends are probably obsessed) there's a new league in town-
Fantasy Fashion League. Could this be more perfect!? And it's New York Fashion Week so I'm doubly excited about this little activity. We've (the tarte office) decided to create a league of our own (hehe) and join in the fun. We have to pick our league name and then do the draft and be part of the whole thing. If anyone knows anything about this or is already playing--please feel free to write about it on the forum!-lallie

~I am so overwhelmed with stuff to do right now. There are SO many things I have to look at, check out, places to visit, things to try on, etc—it’s all exciting, though, so I have to really remind myself of the whole "one step at a time" mantra (very tricky for me!). Luckily we found our place so I even have a date: Oct 7, 2006!! That’s going to be my wedding anniversary-how crazy is that?? (I should mention, incidentally, that it’s also Heather’s birthday which is NO LESS IMPORTANT. Hee hee.) Anyway, expect me to be posting a lot of links and asking for opinions. In the meantime, I’m going to try to do some actual work!-alexis


~So tired today-what an exhausting week (but in a good way). We’re going to look at three reception halls tomorrow-hopefully I’ll have a good idea of what’s going on after that. I can’t focus on much right now , so I leave you with these fine videos of my
favorite internet cat. Have a good weekend!-lex

~Growing up my family always had a lot of animals (7 and counting now!) so I have a huge soft spot when it comes to animals in need. Due to Hurricane Katrina many animals and pets need rescuing and the Humane Society is doing everything they can to help. So when a friend told me about their
"Be Kind" Cause Collar in which the profits go to animal resuce efforts, I jumped at the chance to help and bought them for all my pets!-lallie


~Ok so my blog is just destined to be boring because I am not planning a wedding or newly engaged! But all this wedding talk has spread a kind of 'wedding fever' through the office so I've been doing a little browsing of my own. I found this website for
antique engagement rings - not that I would ever condone buying an engagement ring on line - but it's a good place to look at different antique rings, even if you aren't getting married any time soon!-maria

~Last night Larry totally surprised me by coming home early and making us dinner! He made spaghetti pie. I never had that before, but it was really good. He used fresh tomatoes, basil, gooey mozzarella, and the genoa salami for that extra burst of flavor. We opened a bottle of
Cana cabernet (so yummy!) and had the best dinner. He can cook for me any time!-nicole

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