Saturday, October 1, 2005

october 2005


~For some reason every Halloween my mind shifts directly to Christmas, specifically decorating for Christmas. I love hanging the lights and setting up little statues on the front lawn. This year, I found a new addition to my decorations stash- an
8 foot inflatable snow globe! I know, I know- it’s a bit much, but it looks so awesome!-maria

~I think I might have mentioned that I am a cheerleader every.single.year. for Halloween. I didn't fail this year either--Saturday I went to a very fun party and my cheering was a success! I'm going to another party tonight and will be wearing the same costume--will I ever retire this?? Probably not! Pictures to follow for sure later this week!-lallie


~I went on a major room cleaning kick this past weekend...I ended up
donating so many old clothes and 15 pairs of shoes! Even better is I finally cashed in all the loose change I had stored around my room. I filled up a giant bucket full of change and took it to a Coinstar machine and I ended up making $81!! That's enough to get some new shoes to replace the ones I donated... remember to save your pennies ladies because it'll pay off!-erica


~For all of you who haven’t heard yet, this Friday at 11 am eastern time Maureen will host tarte’s second one-hour show on
QVC! Live television is so thrilling and exciting (and admittedly a little scary) but we are all starting to get the hang of it- especially Maureen, she’s a natural now! I hope you all can tune in and watch! (ps-you can watch it live on little break from work, hee hee)-maria


~Had the best weekend, mostly because it was Phil’s birthday and I love coming up with fun gift ideas. This year there was a "five senses" theme, so every gift revolved around a different sense (dinner out for taste, a wine & cheese class for smell-also sort of taste, but I figured wine has a "bouquet", a winter coat for touch, and tickets to
Avenue Q for sight and sound). I wrote a bunch of funny little poems, hid them, and he had to figure out what each gift was. He loved it and I think in the end his birthday was as fun for me as it was for him!-alexis

~Growing up we always had Chinese food on Sunday nights and last night I had the best Chinese dinner from this restaurant called
Baumgart's in Englewood, NJ. SOOOO good!! It's an old diner and is so cute inside. Plus, the food is amazing! I even have leftovers for lunch today. I might just have a new Sunday night tradtition.-lallie


~This might be ridiculous but I just heard that
Barbie & Ken are contemplating a reconciliation after their split two years ago! I was always a Barbie & Ken fan so this is a good thing. I still can't believe he cheated with Skipper! This is definitely something I will be following-hehe. So silly!-alexis

~A few years ago tarte participated in a charity event in North Carolina and I flew down to do a young girl's makeup for the affair. Her name is
Sherilyn and she was in remission for leukemia and came back out last year, having to undergo lots and lots of treatments which eventually led to a bone marrow transplant. Now, she's working very hard to get better but she can't be outside and worst of all, she can't have a real Christmas tree this year so I'm hoping to help raise some money so we can send her a nice artificial tree so she can have a wonderful Christmas!-lallie


~While Lallie may have the ‘mind and soul’ treat for the day, Leonie covered the ‘body’ treat of the day – she brought us in
white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! If there is one thing you need to know about us tarte girls, its that NOTHING makes us happier then cheesecake from The Factory!-maria

~Today Lallie has a special treat for us-she is going to be leading a yoga class at lunch! I haven’t done yoga since college, so I’m really looking forward to it. All of the tarte girls will be doing it. I could use a little zen and relaxation!-nicole


~I haven't had any good Chinese food at a REALLY nice Chinese restaurant since I moved here. Thanks to the very kind and thoughtful tarte girls who surprised me last Friday with a celebration party for my marriage at
Chin Chin I had the chance! I was so moved by their kindness. Even though I am very excited about the wedding at home (Hong Kong) in two weeks, I'm sure I going to miss them.-leonie


~This weekend I’m heading up to
Binghamtonfor homecoming. I’m so excited for the beautiful autumn drive up Route 17. I can’t wait to see my friends, show Larry around campus, and have a relaxing weekend out of the City. Not to mention do some shopping and not pay hefty NYC prices!-nicole


~This re-imagined trailer for
"The Shining" had me cracking up every time I thought about it this weekend. Whoever did this is amazing-love the musical cue, too. Just in time for Halloween!-alexis

~I went to the movies last night for the first time in months. I saw
The Aristocrats--so freaking funny but I had absolutely no idea what it was about when I went in. If you see it (highly recommended), go in with an open mind but be prepared to laugh your pants off!-lallie


~So my next challenge is bridesmaids dresses, and with 7 very different, very picky girls-the word "challenge" is definitely correct. Initially I was leaning towards greens, but I haven’t seen anything yet that really fits the green I have in my head. So now I’m leaning towards purple,a nice deep
amethyst. It’s very tarte, too-how fitting!-alexis

~With all this rain I've been a clothes changing fool because I keep getting wet on the way to work. When I left work last night to go to yoga class I left my yoga pants here at the office. So...I had to buy a new pair at the studio. I'd actually been eyeing these pants called
Be Present for a while but just couldn't bring myself to buy them and now I had a reason. I bought them in aqua and I LOVE them. Plus, they work for just kicking around on the weekends instead of jeans or sweats!-lallie


~I have always hated cold weather and rainy days. These two things are both occuring these days and has made my commuter life even harder. Thanks to one of my vendors from Korea who brought me a
barley tea at HBA I can be in a little better spirits. This tea has brightend up many days and has definitely kept me warm. This kind of tea is my all time favorite!-leonie


~We are having some major rainy days here in NY and I know everyone hates them but I've always loved them. There's something so soothing about rain and I can't resist jumping in a few puddles, but something I can't stand about the rain my are wet jeans! They are soaked and now I have to sit for the rest of the day at work waiting for them to dry out, I either need to start bringing an extra pair of pants on rainy days or invest in some cute
rain boots! I think we know what option I'll be going with...-erica


~One of the most fun things to do in the wedding process so far has been registering. It’s like making the longest, craziest Christmas list ever, except you actually have a chance to get some of the things on your list. You might remember that a few months ago I was desperately craving the pink
Kitchenaid mixer . Well, I put it on one of our registries and lo and behold, a certain redheaded someone decided it would make a lovely engagement present. And it has!!! I already made apple cinnamon pancakes and I love just looking at it on the kitchen counter. Yay!!-alexis

~So this might seem silly to blog about but everyone I know (including me) seems to be getting sick with this fall bug. I went to my local health food store (my fave) and found this
immune support supplement. I've been taking it since Thursday and I can honestly say I haven't gotten any sicker!! For those of you who feel a little under the weather, it's worth trying.-lallie


~I had a great Rosh Hashanah. I spent it in Long Island with my grandmother. It was a nice bonding experience with her; she’s such a special lady! She also makes the best
matzo ball soup of anyone I know. I tried to bring some back for Lallie (it's her fave!) but it was all eaten! We talked, looked at family pictures, and relaxed. I told her I’d be back again next year to spend the holiday with her.-nicole


~Last week was a crazy yet exciting week! On top of the regular workload & HBA show, we managed to see houses and then bought one in Newtown, PA, unexpectedly. We visited the town this Saturday and found out it's an amazing, cute and small town. We met an American couple who
adopted their daughter from China 8 years ago , they told us there are at least 20-25 Chinese girls who were adopted from China in this town. We are so thrilled that we will be living in this town which is full of kind-heart people and can't wait to move in!-leonie


~I am so excited because Rich (my bf) got a brand new puppy over the weekend! Her name is
Rory and she is a lab/ pointer mix – and she is the cutest puppy I have ever seen! He adopted her from North Shore Animal League, which I think is awesome because there are so many great dogs, cats, puppies and kittens (including a lot of hurricane rescues) who need a good home. If you’re in the market for a new pet I highly suggest that you check it out! -maria

~This weekend I went to the Fall for Dance Festival at the
NY City Center. The Festival showcased 30 dance companies, 5 each night for 6 nights. It was such a great show - the dancers were sooo talented. And the best part - the tickets for every show - no matter where your seat was were $10 each. You can't beat that! I highly recommend it for next year. I'm going to go more than one night!-heather


~Hey everyone-just wanted to tell you to check Maureen out on QVC’s Pink Ribbon Beauty show today (4-5PM EST)!! She’ll be selling our adorable Ladies Night kits (in 2 different colors) and 50% of the proceeds are going to the
Young Survival Coalition. If you’re at work (like the rest of us tarte girls are) you can watch the show live on! They think of everything.-alexis

~My brother's band,
Washington Lane, was in a Battle of the Bands contest last night AND HE WON!! It was a unanimous decision on the judges part and they won $600 (and I think the opp to tour with the All American Rejects!). We're still waiting on all the details but I'm so, so happy for him!-lallie

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