Friday, July 31, 2009

The Weekender!

Breaking News, Tartelettes! Mimi_Style has come down with a very serious illness—the travel bug! Stop the giggling, this is a grave matter. All I can think about is packing up and flying off to some exotic locale. Last week ATL, next month Martha’s Vineyard! Okay, so maybe Atlanta, GA is not all that exotic, but you get my point. I have an insatiable need to get on the go.

But, jet-setting doesn’t come without a few road bumps. I mean, there is nothing worse than hopping off the plane, uber-excited to greet (insert chic city), and catching a glimpse of a grease-ball complexion. Hold the fries, please.

Well, thankfully for us, tarte has just the right palette to keep our eager little faces shining, not shiny! Tartelettes, I give you the t-zone travel palette, which gives “shine control on the go!” Like many tarte products, it is not only full of “skinvigorating ingredients,” but it also offers double-duty with its mini blotting sheets for quickjobs and a colorless powder that makes you matte for hours to come. And with its adorable passport-esque cover, it is the perfect travel pal! Bon voyage, chicsters!




Anonymous said...

Love this Amelia! u know I'm a jet setter too!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

This is a great tip. No question that trip to the ladies' room after disembarking from the flying cattle cars of modern aviation can be horrifying! Tarte to the rescue. Good job, Closer!

--The Boss

Hilary said...

Sounds great, but will it break me out? You know I have sensitive skin...and a face as shiny as a dime some days.