Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daytime Dare — Hair Apparent

Listen up, Loose-wavesLinda! Hey there, SallyStraight-hair! You too, CurlyCathy! The time has come for you to accessorize your daily ‘do with more than shampoo and conditioner. Now, I’m not talking about going to Lady Gaga proportions. (I’m definitely not P-p-p-poker Faced about that dreadful purple beehive) I am just suggesting you consider a floral barrette, a sequined pin, a bow-bedecked handband—anything for a little head rush. Here are some gorgeous and grown-up styles that will have you looking more funky-fresh fashionista.

Her HatHighness Eugenia Kim has designed a diffusion line
EEK! exclusively for Urban Outfitters. But in addition to toppers, Kim is also offering some quirky hair accessories. Though it’s not exactly suited for a big meeting with the boss, this orchid and chain hair clip is a fun mix of hipster and chicster. I love how the purple pops, but the black version is equally elegant. How perfect for a lunch with the girls!

For hair jewelry that is understated but still über-adorable, no one does it like American prep mecca
J.Crew. Their headbands may have classic details like bows and rosettes, but they come in fun colors like acid yellow and haute pink for a look that is classic, but eye-catching. I am completely smitten with the “golden cluster” elastic. With its bold gold balls, it’s like a cocktail ring for your ponytail! And for the recessionista in all of us, J.Crew’s kiddie line Crewcuts has plenty of cute styles that could easily pass for adult accessories. Shhh…I won’t tell if you won’t!

I didn’t know a thing about
Cara Accessories until my big sis brought home a ToDieFor white studded headband from the line. It was girly, but edgy—declaring to the world that its wearer was a lady…but one who could kick your butt! Well, after meeting the Nicole Richie of headgear, I had to know more. I got to Googling and found more funky stylings, like the beautifully blingy “Diamante” headband. With its rows of tiny rhinestones, its less Lil Kim’s “Lady Marmalade” and more Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Even if you’re not an avid GossipGirler like moi, you probably still know that Queen B’s (played by the chic and gorgeous Leighton Meester) signature style item is the headband. Well, the designer that keeps Ms. Waldorf diving head-first into fab is
Jennifer Ouellette. Ouellette, a celeb fave, has been at the top of the hair accessories class for a decade now, and her attention to detail shows in every piece. Barneys is the place for Ouellette’s playful, but ultra chic designs. How NYC chic!

For those chicsters who are already piling on the ponytail pizzazz,
Forever21 is the perfect place for the latest and cheapest trends. Don’t be fazed by their half-dozen pages of hair hotness. Just start clicking! They have a mind-boggingly good selection of headbands, pins and barrettes all for under six bucks. I can’t wait to snatch up this $5 “zipper flower” headband with its cute gold details and rocker-chic red hue. Casual Fridays just got amped up a few notches!

All right, tartelettes! Don’t leave your locks waiting- get to hair-cessorizing!



Lindsay said...

Amelia...I'm a HUGE fan of the bow headbands. I wear them to work all of the time. Perfect accessory for a pony tial on those days between hair washes!

Sweets said...

NYC chic- thats me!!!!!

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

im loving headbands right now! they definitely add just enough flair to that same old hair style. i just made some headband purchases at forever, you can never beat those prices!!

Hilary said...

Don't forget the preppy headband from vineyard vines and lacoste- tie it in with a nice oxford, keep the hair natural for the day, and you are preppy chic!

mimi_style said...

Thanks for the comment <3 , ladies! And please keep piling on the hair pizzazz :)

Anonymous said...

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