Monday, August 24, 2009

My Vest Friend

It took three different styles of black vests to make me realize that I may(definitely) have an affinity(addiction) for this type of outerwear. Oversized knit? Yep, got it! Casual cotton? Why, of course. Boyfriend blazer-style? You know it! Well, lucky for me, I couldn’t be more in the know. From Beyonce to Fergie, Cameron D. and the reigning VestQueen Kim K., vests are getting more celebrity love than in the days of Mister T. With the vast number of vests, it’s hard for a gal to choose between cable-knit and leather, zippered and pocketed. But thankfully for you, there is Mimi!

Hello Mo-to: For that Harley Hautie look, choose a style with zesty zippers and lots’o’leather. The $58 mini moto style by
Dark Hearts at Urban Outfitters is short on price, but long on fab. I also adore the dusty grey vest by Charlotte Ronson with its weathered-chic look. But the style that has me humming Sinead’s “Nothing Compares to You” is Aqua’s Leather Racerback vest. Tough leather is tempered by feminine ruffles, while the cropped back is totally on trend. Talk about a vroom-vroom vest!

SweaterVest Style: The knit vest is one of my absolute favorite styles. Forget Carlton Banks-chic, this look is sophisticated and versatile. It’s long and cozy like a cardi, but sexy and sleeveless like a vest. I pair mine with a blouse and pencil skirt for work and throw it on with jeans and a tee for weekends. The
Side by Side vest from Rojas supplies Fall ‘09’s bold shoulder for a racier sweater style. I would up the ante with funky leggings and a statement shoe. I love Tory Burch’s Ramalagh sweater because it’s preppy with its big knit, but totally posh with its big gold buttons. This is an office-wear wonder paired with a shift dress and pumps.

What a Stud: If you don’t know that heavy-metal hardware is the hottest thing for Fall-WAKE UP, tartelettes! Why not kill two trends with one stone? In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I diiiieeee for LaRok." Therefore it’s no surprise that I am smitten with their
Gold Leaf vest. The studs are a little military for a cute cadet look, but the slim shape is all-woman. Talk about Sexy Soldier when paired with a black mini. Studs add a little more pizzazz to casual denim in this Current/Elliot style. Or try Quiksilver’s Beatnik vest for a more affordable jean option. Though I usually forbid the “denim sandwich” look, either vest channels Lady Moss when put with your favorite skinny jeans. Just stick to a different denim wash to create that Rock’n’Roll rather than Rockin’ in the 80s look.

Workin’ Girl: The office-friendly variety of vest is no longer part of the dreaded suit triplet. Ya know, the pants and the jacket and the itty-bitty vest all stuffed on one hanger. The modern work waistcoat is a different type of Bold&Beautiful, falling past the hip and with an exaggerated shoulder. Go all out Kim Kardashian by pairing a blazer-style vest with second-skin leggings and your sexiest shoe. For a more work-appropriate look, grab a silky blouse and a classic black pencil skirt. The
Cleon vest by Rodebjer is at first glance basic black, but with another look is fabulously funky. Double-breasted has never looked so good. Equally eye-catching is Charlotte Russe’s Tuxedo vest. This charcoal grey is an adorable alternative to black and its chic details make this an unbelievable steal at $27. Hurry and get one of these blazin’ styles so you can strut your stuff by the office watercooler.



mimi_style said...

Click on the image for product details! Enjoy the post :)


Adelaide said...

LOVE vests in all different shapes, styles and trends... great advice on how to pair them and update them for fall! I'm on my way to try out the sweater vest and pencil skirt combo- more Hillary than Carlton, for sure!

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